21 Hidden Gems in San Francisco to Discover ASAP

You live here—how much could possibly still be a secret to you in the city? Oh, you’d be surprised. There are plenty of hidden gems in San Francisco left to discover, even for locals. Better clear out your weekend now.


Also known as the Esmerelda Street Slides, these guys are tucked away at Esmeralda and Winfield Streets in Bernal Heights, and are just as fun for adults. Race your friends side-by-side (and, pro tip, wear yoga pants to make yourself more slippery.)

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These are some awesome landmarks! It would be great to see them all. 


San Francisco Filmed with a Rotating Camera Just Might Make Your Head Spin

“Take a scenic spin around San Francisco with this unique view of the city,” the video description for “Retro Revolution” via GoPro begins. “Scenic spin” is right, though a bit more literal than you’d expect—the shots of San Francisco filmed by a rotating camera simultaneously capture dizzying and eye-opening views, offering a fresh perspective on places you know like the back of your hand.

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Who knew watching through a strange camera could be so disorienting? 

6 San Francisco Cocktails So Expensive, They’ll Make You Weep

These days, a $9 or $10 cocktail will probably cause no more than a shrug. A $12 or $13 one will maybe raise an eyebrow, and a commitment to just getting one. After that, you just have to laugh to yourself about the kind of place SF is, and maybe cr

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In the land where everything is extraordinarily expensive, is this really a surprise?