The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide to Day Drinking in San Francisco

Ah, day drinking. It is truly an art, a fine-tuned skill for San Franciscans. No weekend is complete without one day of day drinking, eating an unusually early dinner of greasy takeout, and then passing out while watching Netflix. There are many spot

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I guess it’s not technically against the law…. San Francisco absolutely loves soaking up the sun on the rare occasions we actually get some sun.


17 Weirdest Museums in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is teeming with fantastic museums, from the de Young in San Francisco to the San Jose Museum of Art. But there are also some museums that are on a slightly different page, catering to a very…different audience. Check out thes

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A bread museum? Beatnick museum? Hippie museum? San Francisco boasts some of the weirdest but most entertaining museums in the world. Don’t miss out!