How Tech Billionaires Are Changing San Francisco’s Restaurant Industry

$2,000 meals are the new normal for Silicon Valley elites

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Should we blame silicon valley for the outrageous prices in San Francisco? (probably.)


Awe-Inspiring Photos Imagine What SF Would Look Like with Starry Night Skies

A few years ago, artist Thierry Cohen created a series called Darkened Skies, where he imagined what cities would look like if all the lights were shut off at once. Here is his rendition of San Francisco. [media-credit name=”Thierry Cohen

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One of the downsides of living in a big city, even a city as environmentally-friendly as San Francisco, is that it is nearly impossible to see stars at night. These images show us what we could see if we didn’t have all this light pollution, allowing us to actually see the night sky in all its glory! 

17 Weirdest Museums in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area is teeming with fantastic museums, from the de Young in San Francisco to the San Jose Museum of Art. But there are also some museums that are on a slightly different page, catering to a very…different audience. Check out thes

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A bread museum? Beatnick museum? Hippie museum? San Francisco boasts some of the weirdest but most entertaining museums in the world. Don’t miss out!

Pokemon invade San Francisco

Is Pokemon hunting the new bar hopping?

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We can’t escape the pokemon trainers! San Francisco has one of the highest per-capita pokemon densities around the world. It’s tempting to pull out your phone at all times, just in case a charmander is hiding around a corner. Is this good for millenials by encouraging them to get outside? Or is this putting them at risk for car accidents or loitering?

This New Baguette Vending Machine Is Peak San Francisco

Plain old Boudin just wasn’t good enough for you, was it, San Francisco? Naturally, this new bakery-meets-tech hybrid is called Le Bread Xpress, and it feels like it should be a joke, except it’s totally not. 

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Leave it to San Francisco to come up with this silly idea! Baguettes in a vending machine? How do we know if they are fresh?

13 Forgotten Histories About San Francisco You Never Knew

You probably think you know quite a bit about San Francisco’s past. But here are overlooked, little secret histories that are rarely mentioned in the textbooks. 1. Plenty assume that the San Francisco flag, featuring a phoenix rising from the ashes

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There are so many stories about this city, it would be impossible to master them all! Take a look at these interesting histories.