The Secret to Seeing Yosemite in a Day

I’m sharing my secret to seeing Yosemite in a day! I’ll fill you in on how we saw many of the favorite attractions in Yosemite National Park all in just one day! Add this to your bucket list! #LTGtravels

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If you haven’t done it already, Yosemite is a must-see! 


Don’t hesitate to visit this wonderful natural destination, only a few hours from San Francisco. 


25 Facts You Might Not Know About the Painted Ladies

San Francisco’s renowned “Postcard Row” sits at 710 to 720 Steiner Street, right across the street from Alamo Square park. But how much do you really know about the most famous homes in the city? [media-credit name=”Apun Hiran via Flickr

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Who knew they were more than just houses? 

This Map Shows Where All the Ships Are Buried Underneath San Francisco

Back in the Gold Rush era in the 1850s, about 62,000 (!) people from across the globe arrived in San Francisco over the period of a year. Once miners got here, many just abandoned their ships and left them to rot in the harbor (cool), or the ships were used as storage spaces. Because so many people came in such a hurry, the city had to be built up and settled quickly, leading to waterfront extension proposals that expanded original shoreline out to what we know as the Embarcadero today.

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I had no idea there were ships under the city! What a strange discovery. 

19 Magical Photos of Rainbows Over San Francisco

Pride is this weekend, and what better way to celebrate that than by remembering all the times rainbows have been spotted around San Francisco? Feel the magic created by single (and sometimes double!) bows of colorful light bending themselves over th

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Being one of America’s foggiest cities has its advantages. Check out these beautiful rainbows soaring over our city! 

9 Unique Popsicles You Can Only Get in San Francisco

Ah, San Francisco—the land of gourmet everything, including those icy treats you loved as a kid. While we do specialize in creative ice cream flavors, we’re no less inventive when it comes to our popsicles. Won’t you try an oyster-flavored one with us

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Summer time is here and its time to break out the frozen treats! Let’s all eat popsicles! 

Where to Find the Best Coffee Roasters in San Francisco

In recent years, San Francisco has become known across the globe for its abundance of exceptional coffee bars and artisanal coffee roasters. Throughout each of the city’s neighbourhoods, these cool cafes are drawing people in with the aroma of freshly roasted, sustainably sourced coffee beans. Within this vibrant café scene, there are a handful of standout spots for that perfect brew – here’s where to find the best coffee roasters in San Francisco.

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These are some amazing coffee restaurants in San Francisco. I can’t wait to try them all!