The Top 5 Parties in San Francisco This Weekend: SF Electronic Music Festival … – SF Weekly

Let’s just get this out of the way — this is a party column and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival is not a party. But it is a celebration of electronic music’s myriad forms, textures, and rich history, featuring groundbreaking performers who push the limits of what “music” can be, so it deserves top billing this week.

The festival runs four nights, kicking off at the Kanbar Forum inside the new Exploratorium on Thursday night and then shifting to the Brava Theater Center in the Mission throughout the weekend. Thursday at the Exploratorium features the festival’s “bad kids” — Alessandro Cortini, an Italian known primarily for performing electronics in Nine Inch Nails’ live band, he also creates magnificent soundscapes with modular synthesizers, and Thomas Dimuzio, a Bay Area noisemaker and experimental musician with a long discography and an even longer list of collaborators. If you’re unfamiliar with electronic music outside of a club, rock, or pop rubric, these performances will be accessible and eye-opening.


Gotta check these out!


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