17 signs you’re not going to make it in San Francisco

The rare San Francisco native was born into the local culture, but for the masses of San Francisco newcomers, getting acclimatized to our customs and quirks can…

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Is SF really the city for you?


San Francisco’s Best Bets For a Tinder Meet-Up

Bay Area twenty- and thirtysomethings are known for moving fast and building careers – so much so that they sometimes forget to find a mate. This is why Tinder exists. Your first encounter with a new online date could be magical or strange; either way, make sure that you pick a locale that’s safe (because crazies) and and fun (think of the stories you could tell your grandkids!). Try your Tinder date on for size at one of my picks in the Bay.

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I typically take my tinder matches to Novela on Mission, but here are some other options for your next date.